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2017 Volunteer Resources
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The success of each year’s conference is 100% due to the volunteer resources across the SHRM community of Minnesota.  It could not be done without you!  For those that have volunteered in past conferences… THANK YOU!

Volunteering in SHRM is a great opportunity to network with your peers, meet new friends, share ideas and increase your skill set.  Volunteering offers a variety of leadership opportunities that will bring great rewards AND enhance your resume.

Please consider volunteering for the 2017 conference. Completing the Volunteer Form is quick and easy!

If you have any questions about volunteering at the conference, please send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator, Mary Easterling.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for MNSHRM17!





Question: How do I find out what I am supposed to do as a Volunteer?


  • A Registration area has been designated for the Conference Registrants / Attendees who are Volunteers.  One of the perks of volunteering is you will be given expedited Registration!
  • In the Volunteer Break Room (the Split Rock Room to the immediate left of the Registration area) Volunteer binders will be available.
  • Each binder contains the following information:
    • A copy of the 2017 MN SHRM State Conference 2017 Volunteer Master spreadsheet. Please locate your name on this spreadsheet. You have been assigned to the designated area(s) at the designated time(s) as listed on this document. You have also been given a “Back Up Assignment”. You will only need to cover this assignment if the person assigned to that responsibility contacts you because she or he cannot fulfill the responsibility.
    • This FAQ document
    • A copy of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) Floor Plans (map of the building)
    • A short description of each Volunteer assignment
    • Contact information of who to ask if you have any questions and contact information for that person (see Contact Information below)


Question:  When should I report for my Volunteer responsibility?


  • Please report to your assigned Volunteer area 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your designated time


Question:  How do I find out the answer if I don’t know the answer?


  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of DECC by reviewing the Floor Plans
  • Familiarize yourself with the detailed Conference Schedule, including room locations for the events occurring during your assigned Volunteer responsibility
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the contact information listed below if you don’t know how to assist or how to answer a question


Question:  Where do I go for a break, or to get something to drink?


  • The Split Rock Room adjacent to the Registration Area has been designated as a Volunteer / Exhibitor break room.  You are welcome to come to the Split Rock Room for a beverage, and to take a break.  We hope you enjoy this extra perk as partial “Thank You” for Volunteering!


Question:  Who can I contact?

Answer:  Contact Information:

Mary Easterling

Volunteer Coordinator

Cell phone 612-719-6451

Location:  Mary will typically be in the Registration area / Split Rock Room


Question:  What do I do if I can’t take care of the Volunteer responsibility I signed up for?


  • Each assignment has been assigned to a Volunteer and has been assigned to a Back Up Assignment Volunteer.  If you cannot fulfill the responsibility, please contact the Back Up Assignment Volunteer and let them know that they will be needed for that assignment.  
  • If you cannot get ahold of the Back Up Assignment, please contact Mary Easterling, Volunteer Coordinator, as soon as possible upon discovery that you cannot fulfill your Volunteer responsibility.


Question:  What do I do if I have a question and it is not answered in this FAQ?


  • Come to the Split Rock Room.  Volunteers are commonly in this room and will be able to assist you.
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator:

        Mary Easterling

Volunteer Coordinator

Cell phone 612-719-6451

Location:  Mary will typically be in the Registration area / Split Rock Room



 Volunteer Descriptions

Door Greeter / Direction & Information Volunteer

  • Greet Conference Attendees at the main front doors of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) or the Skywalk Level of DECC (you will be shown where to stand)
  • Give quick directions to the Registration area, Breakout rooms, Exhibitor Hall, Information booth, dining area, etc.


Registration Desk

  • Greet Conference Attendees at the registration table
  • Help Conference Attendees locate their individual name tags
  • Direct those who do not have a name tag to the appropriate person / area
  • Distribute conference bags


Introduce Breakout Speaker

  • Arrive at breakout session 15 minutes early
  • Assist Breakout Speaker with logistical needs (call for audio/visual assistance, supplies, etc)
  • Introduce Speaker to the audience (introduction provided via paper copy and on mobile app)
  • Ask attendees to complete evaluations (on app)
  • Attend entire session
  • Thank the speaker, request attendees to complete evaluations


Direction & Information Volunteer

  • Familiarize yourself with Keynote and Breakout Room Assignments
  • Stand at the top of the escalator on the Skywalk Level of DECC for Breakout Sessions
  • Stand at the bottom of the escalator for Registration, Exhibitor Hall times
  • Give conference attendees information regarding where to find the breakout rooms / registration area / exhibitor hall / dining room


Assist Keynote Speaker

  • Be available to greet Keynote Speaker 30 minutes prior to presentation
  • Answer any questions the Keynote Speaker has
  • Obtain supplies and materials the Keynote Speaker may need
  • Connect Keynote Speaker to conference information
  • Walk Keynote Speaker to his/her Breakout Session location


Exhibit Hall Volunteer

  • Assist Exhibitors to obtain materials, supplies and/or services they may need
  • Direct Conference Attendees to Exhibitor locations and/or food locations



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