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TCSHRM - 2019 Spring Conference

  • 10 May 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Radisson Blu - Mall of America 2100 Killebrew Dr. Bloomington, MN 55425

TCSHRM - 2019 Spring Conference

Keynote Speakers

Joe Gerstandt & Jason Lauritsen, Talent Anarchy

Joe is the sage consultant. He’s a middle-aged white guy who is a national thought leader on issues of diversity and inclusion — need we say more? He brings a unique and powerful perspective to everything he does. The core of Joe’s work is to help organizations solve issues of diversity, culture and innovation through consulting, training and speaking. Listening to Joe speak, you will hear tales of his days as a U.S. Marine and Gulf War veteran blended with his experience in sales, education, and community-building. To say that Joe is intense and passionate about his work would be an understatement. He is one part professor, one part philosopher and one part “not quite right.” Be prepared.

Jason is the reformed corporate guy. For nearly a decade, he spent his days in the belly of the beast as a corporate Human Resources leader where he drove change from the inside. Today, he consults with organizations to help them make sense of employee engagement. A born innovator, Jason has been making change happen since his grade school years. Classically impatient, curious and well-groomed, Jason’s early career was a rapid progression of sales and management roles including launching, leading and ultimately selling a small business in his mid-twenties. He’s a leader, sales guy, entrepreneur and corporate executive — all rolled up in one.

Theresa Rose, Business Keynote Speaker

Theresa Rose is a triple-threat performer who provides the three most critical characteristics every audience craves:

As a stand-up comedian and improv comedy artist, Theresa brings the funny each and every time. As a keynote speaker, she weaves in and out of the crowd, creating a one-of-a-kind experience while making the audience the stars!

Theresa won the "Most Enthusiastic" award in 2nd grade and hasn't stopped since. She is a natural-born inspirer who energizes events and keeps the mojo running.

Relevant Content
Drawing upon her experience in management consulting, senior management of marketing and product development, and entrepreneurialism, Theresa delivers rock-solid strategies on how to improve results in sales and leadership as well as how to create stronger, more collaborative cultures and teams.

Karith Foster, Speaker, Humorist, and Author

Successfully combining a clean, sweet Southern comedy style with keen New York savvy, Karith Foster offers a unique, refreshing look at life in general and now – marriage new motherhood. Using her disarming wit and a keen understanding of our shared experiences, Karith engages her listeners in matters ranging from diversity and bullying to intense life changes and everyday relationships. Drawing from her extensive travels and experience in the corporate and entertainment worlds, Karith uses humor to accentuate the positive and inspire her audience.  

A graduate of Stephens College (Missouri), who studied at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, Karith has forged the waters of being the only source of diversity in myriad situations to navigating the formidable world of radio, television and stand up comedy. The result is a view of the world that anything is possible with belief in your abilities and the power of laughter.

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